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The International Centre for Sculpture (CIS) is a new cultural highlight in Peccia in the Upper Maggia Valley. Opening its doors in 2021, this Centre is unique in Switzerland and stands out for its humble and respectful relationship with the majestic landscape of the Lavizzara Valley, one of the most highly coveted valleys in Ticino.

The idea of building a sculpture Centre next to the School of Sculpture, which has existed since 1984, was very stimulating from the beginning. The two institutions work separately, but with various collaborations, while being different organizations.

The CIS consists of an exhibition building, five ateliers, a large working area with a 20-ton crane, three workshops and the Artists' House in the Centre of the village.

The artists therefore work in the sense of a permanent sculpture symposium. The Centre has two focal points: on the one hand, five scholarship holders are invited to work on their projects here in Peccia from May to October; on the other hand, an exhibition of works by an internationally renowned artist is held. In addition, interdisciplinary events are planned to promote exchange between the population of the Valley, the visitors and the various art genres.

Thanks to the International Sculpture Centre, the small mountain village of Peccia will become a place of cultural exchange where the population of the Valley, visitors, artists and interested parties from all over the world can meet.

The Centre is managed by the "International Foundation for Sculpture", which is subject to the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations and is tax-exempt.

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