End of season party

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Closing party of the 2023 CIS season with concert, guided tour, film about the season's activities, and buffet.

14:30 Concert with Building Bridges

The Alps are first and foremost a meeting place, and that is what makes them so beautiful, especially when it comes to music! Music is not a universal language, and "world music" is more of a formula than a fact: it is a mixture of exotic and ultimately incompatible techniques and traditions. Every year, a group of musicians gather to work together. They come from musical cultures that have no historical relationship with each other and have never met. Something common emerges that fascinates and moves both the musicians and the audience. Come and listen to what the musicians have developed.

Fan-Qi Wu: pipe, vocals (Taiwan)
Sanne Huijbregts: vove, percussion (Netherlands)
Gaurav Mazumdar, sitar (New Delhi)
Roman Britschgi: bass (Switzerland)
Marina Liontou Mochament: oud (Greece)
Simone Bottasso: accordion, flute (Italy)
Nicola Bottasso: trumpet, violin (Italy)

16:00 Guided tour of the exhibition

17:00 Presentation of Marcel Dueprtuis' work "Sinfonia di Peccia," with speeches by authorities, curators and the artist

18:00 Aperitif

Other events

Le chiese di Lavizzara, le opere d'arte, i manufatti di pietra. Ieri oggi e domani

Venerdì 8 dicembre 2023, ore 19:30