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There are situations with a colon: on Fritz Balthaus' first visit to Peccia, an open-top sports car was parked next to a block of marble that was being worked on with an angle grinder. To prevent the approaching cloud of marble from completely dusting the car, the owner quickly drove it somewhere else. This situation gave rise to the futurist Marinetti's assertion that a racing car would be more beautiful than the marble-carved Nike of Samothrace. In one of CIS's sculpture studios, Fritz Balthaus is now amalgamating marble and sheet metal by grinding down a block of Peccia marble and making his own car disappear under a layer of white marble dust. The process will be documented photographically and the result presented to the public at the opening of the exhibition 'Le forme dell'energia'.

A temporary installation from June 8 to June 12, 2024 and with a photographic exhibition from August 2024 in Atelier 5 of our Centro until October 20, 2024.


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