Artist in Residence 2023

Dietrich Heller

1965, Bremen (Germany)

Peccia is a place with a fixed and concentrated interest in sculpture, which is one of the main reasons I would like to go there. Apart from Bremen, I know of no other place at this level of excellence, and I see it as a wonderful opportunity to serve as ambassador to and for both places during my time as artist in residence and beyond. I have reached a point in my work where I am looking for external input, inspiration, and sources of artistic development that I will surely not find in my own backyard. A change of scenery away from my familiar setting would enable me to engage in more focused and concentrated work. Moreover, I would be glad of the wonderful opportunity to experiment with multi-coloured stone materials, which might ultimately be easier to work with technically than the very brittle and non-homogenous breccia from Austria and Italy that I have been using. I am excited at the opportunity this will give me to share and compare technical notes about stone processing!