Artist in Residence 2021

Marina Bochert

Project for Peccia

I always have the desire to create an object in itself, something that needs no reference from outside and is self-sufficient. The form is, on the one hand, the existence of the essence, but, as it were, a metaphor - a possible parable for a person behind it. A separate entity. The object has no inclination to the outside, it does not want anything. Within my work process I am interested in spiritual/religious aspects.

Ideas that interest me begin where the stories end and where an inner self-contained logic is revealed in the forms. Even more interesting than any research, I find a direct physical research through meditation and other body techniques.I would wish that, conscious of the echoing of these ideas, but free from their limitations, objects will be created that do not resort to any representation of nature, and in their abstraction can embody ideas that function detached from intellectual knowledge. They are to be intuitively grasped and understood by a remembrance in the body. At the same time, I have reached a point where I allow my works to become almost figurative again, to become physical in a sense, but not personal i.e. that they are always trying to circle a solid core that excludes a fleeting, changeable and subjective moment.