Artist in Residence 2021

Zora Jankovic

Project for Peccia

My idea is to continue the series Monument I, from 2017/18, on a different level. For the series Monument I, I have dealt with monuments from the socialist Yugoslavia and with brutal architecture. The designs, sketches and models created for the Monument II project are intended to be a further development of this topic. I would like to use materials such as metal, stone and cast stone. Through the combination of these materials and considering the formal, technical, aesthetic and theoretical aspects I wish to create a whole, a sculpture.

The materials that I will use to build the sculptures are metal (steel plates, steel profiles), cast stone  (screed, aerated concrete) and stone (marble). For the preparation of the negative moulds I will use wood, plaster and clay. For the models and the further development of the ideas I will be using styrofoam, foamboard and cardboard. The size of the planned works will be between 80 cm and 120 cm, and due to the material connections, the works will consist of several parts. My goal is to create three medium-sized, multi-part sculptural works in Peccia,  using a combination different materials and creating a balance between stability, mass and volume.