Call for Entries

for Artist
in Residence

The application procedure for 2022 is closed. The call for entries 2023 will be published in the coming weeks.

Since 2021, the Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura awards five scholarships to artists who are active in the field of three-dimensional art. Each scholarship includes: a six-month stay (from the beginning of May to the end of October) and a monthly allowance of CHF 1500. Each artist benefits from a private atelier where she/he can work and create, as well as a shared workstation equipped with a 20-tonne crane. Three workshops equipped for working with various materials such as stone (marble), wood and metal, etc. are also made available. Each artist receives a small apartment in the Casa degli Artisti located in the centre of the village of Peccia, just a few minutes from the Centro Internazionale di Scultura.

Working in Peccia

The Foundation provides each artist with an Atelier and a large outdoor workstation with a 20-tonne crane for their work, for common use. Three workshops with professional equipment, machinery and tools for working with stone, wood and metal are also attached.

The workshops are structured as autonomous working units. In accordance with the Foundation's aims, the priority work is marble from Peccia. Obviously there is the possibility of using other types of stone or materials such as wood, metal, plaster, clay, paper, etc. However, no further assistance or labour is provided.

In exceptional cases and with the consent of the President of the Artistic Committee and the Foundation's management, the artists may involve external labour, but at their own expense.

Artists make themselves available to visitors and sponsors within the framework of pre-arranged visits. By doing so, they indirectly support the Foundation's and the Centre's fundraising efforts.

At the end of their stay, each artist is asked to donate one of their works to the Foundation. The choice is made in agreement with the Commission of the Artistic Committee.

Life in Peccia

Every artist is given the opportunity to live in a studio inside the Casa degli Artisti in Peccia, just a few metres from the Centro. There are five units in this house. Each unit has its own shower/wc and a small kitchenette. A large kitchen is available for common use. Food costs are not covered by the Foundation.

The Foundation grants additional financial support of 9,000 francs (until 05/2020) to each scholarship holder. Payment is made in monthly instalments, at the beginning of each month, the first at the beginning of May of the year in which the scholarship is granted (6 x 1,500.-fr, paid in 6 x 1,200.-fr and at the end, at the time of departure, the remaining 1,800.-fr are paid, provided there are no demands from the FIS). Scholarship holders are responsible for their own daily expenses.

The Foundation will also cover the costs of materials (up to a maximum amount of 3,000 fr. per scholarship) and the transport of the works realised in Peccia (up to a maximum amount of 2,000 fr. per scholarship).

In principle, grant-holders must bear their travel expenses in full. In very exceptional cases, and once a grant has been awarded, the Foundation may, on written and reasoned request, agree to cover part of the travel expenses.