Artist in Residence 2022

Jenson Anto

Jenson Anto (*1967, Kerala, India) graduated in B.F.A in Painting from the College of Art, Delhi. He has obtained a Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Human Resource Development in New Delhi before being awarded a Visual Arts residency by Pro Helvetia in Basel, Switzerland. He lives in New Delhi, but often retreats to the Himalayan mountains for his artistic research and work which draws inspiration from his treks, hikes, and bike rides around mountainous regions.  

At the Centro Internazionale di Scultura, Jenson is proposing a project called « Stages of an Imbalance » through which he aims to document and artistically process the changes and faults of landslides on the mountain slopes. Jenson sums up his work during the months in Peccia as follows: "System of an Imbalance is a process driven series of works that form an uneven installation that reflect the contradictions of the harsh and the subtle nature of the rugged Val Lavizzara. The works are in the form of wood, stone, sounds and video".

In one of his works, the artist recalls a game of sticks from his childhood. 10 wooden sticks are thrown on the floor. The subsequent challenge is to pick them one by one using a larger stick without moving the others, much like we know from the Mikado game, but on an obviously larger scale.